38th Annual Brown Sugar Festival

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The Brown Sugar Festival, which started in 1978, was founded by Harlem pioneers Gwendolyn Patrick. Since its inception, the festival has grown to become one of South Florida’s most recognized festivals. Although Harlem Academy  was forced to shut its doors due to desegregation back in the 70’s more than 30 years later school alumnae  are still coming together annually to give back and unify their community.

The main events kicks off with a parade down Harlem Academy Avenue, followed by an assortment of live entertainment and family get-together opportunities throughout the afternoon and evening at various locations in Harlem. I had the chance to speak with beloved County Commissioner Janet Taylor to find out more about how the Brown Sugar Festival began and what the community hopes to see it blossom into in years to come.

Just so that you get a feel for some of what I saw this past weekend, take a look at this 2015 promotional video for the Brown Sugar Festival

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