5 Reasons We Can’t Be Mad At Lil Wayne Regarding Black Lives Matter

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So once again the ignorance of our own people is upon us!! Lil Wayne, the best rapper alive; as he likes to call himself, has shown us why we should say no to drugs.

He was interviewed by Night Line and was asked his views on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Our “favorite rapper” went on to say things like ” I am a young black rich moth*r fuc*r. If that don’t let you know that America understand  black moth*r fuck*rs matter these days then I don’t know what it is. That man white; He filming me. I’m a. Ni**er”

So you may ask why on earth would Lil Wayne respond that way , but do we REALLY take this as a surprise? I mean this opinion is coming from someone who literally has continuously shown self hate in a lot of the songs he’s released. He has constantly made a mockery out of touchy situations that shape the past of the African American community while reminding us that he doesn’t like “dark” women. But Wayne, your mom is a dark woman. How could you hate the very existence that made you?

So again ask yourself are you REALLY surprised that he would say things like ” that doesn’t have anything to do with me” .

Well here are 5 signs which shows he never really cared for dark lives in the first place :

1. “…beat the pussy up like Emmitt Till”

2. ” beautiful black woman, I bet that bit*h look better red.”

3. “Gotta red a*s bitc*h , with a red a*s pus*y”

4. “Rodney King baby yea I beat it like a cop”

5. “My daughter is the first and last dark skin child I’m having. The rest of my baby moms [are] light skinned chicks. I even got an Asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair. Too bad we had a son.”

These are all either verses from songs he’s released or statements that he’s made .

I think that we as a people are going to have to just take this “L” because we chose to overlook the fact he’s held this self hate and blatant disregard to the black community for a long time.





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