7 ‘Not So’ Secret Business Tips

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As promised, the following are business tips I provided on Periscope. I would have done this blog post prior to the broadcast but I wasn’t sure which tips I wanted to share until close to going live.

For those of you who were not tuned it to the broadcast on Periscope, my name is Elora Mason and I am the CEO of E. Mason & Associates, a Public Relations & Event Management Firm based in South Florida.

When asked to be a special guest on Biz Talk With Cam so many valuable business tips I could share came to mind. I felt it was important to share a variety of tips I’ve utilized to build a reputable career and viable business. For well over a decade, I’ve provided recording artists, record labels, personalities, non profit organizations and more with publicity, event management & consulting. If applied, well let’s speak it into existence – when applied, these tips will assist you in building a strong foundation which is a major KEY to growing and sustaining your business.

People ask me all the time, what are the secrets to business success and time and time again I get an abundance of gratitude for sharing information such as what I’ve provided in this post which are not secrets at all. Sometimes we spend so much time chasing the secret formula that we fail to properly manage the basics.

Also, I explained during the broadcast, these are not listed in any particular order. I challenge you to put them in order according to your personal situation. Put the tip you’re struggling with the most at the top and tackle that first.



7 ‘Not So’ Secret Business Tips

Don’t be selfish, share them with fellow and future entrepreneurs

Tip #1

In the beginning, be great at one thing but don’t misunderstand it as only do one thing.

 I couldn’t remember this saying for nothing during the broadcast, ‘A jack of all trades and a master of known”. Get it?

Perfecting your craft is a major KEY to building a strong reputable foundation.

Add layers to what you offer after you have mastered your craft and your ability to provide the service you offer. So, I’m not implying you should only do one thing but I am saying strategically add as you grow.

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