9 Weird & Crazy Things To Do…Or Not Do With Your Vagina

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You’re a proud owner of a vagina and  you’ve probably been hit over the head by the numerous ads  for some out right ridiculous products that someone, probably without a vagina expects you to buy to keep your lady lips in pristine condition. They call it everything but what it actually is…a VAGINA, and they won’t admit that most of these pussy potions, tips, tricks, styles and trends aren’t really necessary.

Don’t get me wrong hygiene is of the upmost importance, don’t walk around smelling foul. Yet, anyone be wary of listening to anyone that says you need a certain product or practice to make your vagina “more desirable” it was created perfect. So, there’s not much money can buy to  make it any better. Truth be told how much more can we add to the routine of  monthly waxes, birth control and yearly checkups to name a standard few before it starts to affect our sanity?.

We’ve compiled a list of recent weird  trends are gaining speed or tried to at least. Who knew there were crazier things to do with your poon-tang other than being a delivery route for a real live human being?

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