“A number of people have been killed” Says Haiti’s Interim President Jocelerme Privert

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jamaica-matthewThe island is already facing “life-threatening” conditions, according to the US National Hurricane Center.  A Category Four storm, Hurricane Matthew is forecast to hit the wester tip of Haiti early on Tuesday. Interim Haitian President Jocelerme Privert said a number of people had been killed.

“We’ve already seen deaths. People who were out at sea. There are people who are missing. They are people who didn’t respect the alerts. They’ve lost their lives,” he said.

One fisherman died on Sunday, a second fisherman is presumed dead, but his body has not been recovered and a teenage boy died in a landslide as he was cleaning a drain behind his house after storms from Matthew passed over the island.

“Part of the problem in Haiti is it’s quite mountainous and Matthew is a slow-moving hurricane so it could deliver large amounts of rain,” says John Cangialosi of the US National Hurricane Center.

Many people are still living in tents following a huge earthquake in 2010. Mayor Frederic Hislain, called on the government to evacuate over 150,000 people whose homes are threatened. Officials say that about 1,300 emergency shelters have been built, enough to accommodate 340,000 people.

Jamaica is seeing the effects of Hurricane Matthew with floodwaters blocking roads in the capital Kingston, the storm is also expected to reach eastern Cuba.


Sources: CNN | BBC


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