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India Redhead


Entertainment has always been a pivotal part of her life. As a college student she majored in criminal justice. An opportunity came for her to intern at a prestigious record label in Miami, Fl. She took on the internship whole-heartedly and quickly fell in love with the ins and outs of the industry. Shortly after, India began to write for www.24hourhiphop.com, her stories would get thousands of views instantly, but that wasn’t enough, she needed more. After serious research and dedication she hired her own camera crew and begin going to all of the hottest events in town and actually interviewing these athletes and entertainers herself. Learning and meeting so many people along the way, she knew this was something she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing. After her first semester interning she changed schools and her major to Media Communications and hit the ground running. Since then she has acquired an extensive network of contacts, skills, and years of experience doing freelance work for artist, companies, and brands. Her passion for writing was born and her creativity flourished with each word she wrote. Finally ready to make her mark in the world and curate for the masses, she teamed up with 365Voice.com to make it happen!


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