Allegedly Nude Photos Of Nicki Minaj Leak Online

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Someone pretending to be Nicki Minaj’s former lover, Safaree Samuels leaked the rappers nudes online. Using a Twitter handle close to Safaree’s to leak the NSFW images to under 6K followers. An argument can be made that the aspiring rapper has over 100k followers so why create a burner account to burn his ex?

ScafBeezy is adamant that it wasn’t him with someone telling TMZ “He’d never do anything like this and he’s doing everything he can to shut down the tweeter behind it.”

But are the pictures even really Nicki? Who knows, but Samuels tweeted “it’s a shame that I even have to address this dumb sh** but I have one Twitter and it’s this 1 that’s verified!For those of you who cn’t read learn.”

The alleged images leaked the same night Omeeka flexed for the gram with the huge yellow heart diamond.



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