Amazon Reveals 3D Like Technology With New Fire Phone

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3D Fire

Amazon’s new phone features the ability to recognize thousands of products in stores, supposedly tangle-free earbud cords and a screen that gives images the illusion of depth. Is this about a phone or more about being able to shop on Amazon via smart phone easier AND is that enough to make you switch????

Get Familiar with the 3D Fire

– The phone has a screen that measures 4.7 inches diagonally. That’s larger than current iPhones, but smaller than leading Android phones. Bezos says the size was chosen to be ideal for one-handed use.

– Bezos touts the camera on the new phone. He says it has image stabilization to counteract shaking as people take shots. Amazon is offering unlimited free storage on its Cloud Drive service.

– Bezos says images are typically flat – and Amazon wants to change that. You can rotate the phone around and get a different view depending on your angle of vision. He says the phone is basically redrawing the image 60 times per second. Bezos calls this “dynamic perspective.”

– To make that happen, the phone has four front-facing infrared cameras to tell where your head is, even if your fingers happen to cover two of them.

– With a new Firefly feature, snap a photo of a book title, and it’ll show you where to buy it. Listen to a song playing in the background, and it’ll direct you to that tune on Amazon. It can even direct you to knowledge, such as pulling up a Wikipedia entry on a painting you snapped. The feature will also let you snap bar codes, phone numbers and more.

– There’s an auto-scroll feature that lets you scroll down by tilting the phone. Samsung’s Galaxy phones have that, too.

– Amazon’s Kindle tablets run a highly modified version of Google’s Android system, and it’s likely an Amazon phone would do the same. That means apps for the phone would be limited to what’s available through Amazon’s own app store. The store has grown to include more than 240,000 apps, but there’s much more for Android and Apple devices.

– The phone will come with earbuds that have flat cords and magnets to clasp them together, so tangled cords will be history.

Source: CBSNews

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