An Unexpected B-Day Surprise Chris Brown Finds Naked Woman In His Bed

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ChrisBrown InBed

Although some men might be pleased to come home to a naked woman in their bed, that was not the case for Chris Brown when he came home to find his house vandalized and an intruder still inside on Wednesday night.

“I get home and find this crazy individual in my house,” Breezy wrote in an Instagram post. “She had broken the hinges off the doors.”

I get home and find this crazy individual in my house. She had broken the hinges off the doors. She Found time to cook her several meAls. She wrote “I love you” on the walls. She threw out my daughter’s clothing as well as my dogs stuff. Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib. goes to show you how crazy people are crazy! And she painted her name on my cars!!!! I love my fans but this is some is on some real real crazy sh-t

The singer alerted authorities who came and arrested the 21-year-old woman. She was charged with felony trespassing and felony vandalism.

Understandably Chris was shaken up and rightly so, the young woman even tossed out his daughter’s clothes. But what do you all think about him blasting  out her  image on social media?

Hopefully he steps up his home security after this because how did she get in and make herself so comfortable without anyone being alerted to an intrusion?

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