Ariana Grande’s Explosive Concert leaving 19 people dead and 50 injured in Manchester, England

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During Princess Ariana Grande’s Concert tonight, Monday May 22nd, a big explosion arose leaving many frantic, possibly hundreds injured and 19 people dead, in Manchester, England. At the end of her last single, According to The Washington Post, when the balloons were released in numbers, the fans assumed that the loud explosion was initiated then, later learning it was indeed a bomb. Police are treating this like a suicide bombing/terrorism act, authorities said.

The explosion took place right outside the arena, the foyer area, where many of the casualties seemingly occurred, along with panic of stampeding people, her fans were frightened and devastated. “It was really scary”  as said by Michelle Sullivan to BBC, a fan attending Ariana’s Concert. Police stated the incident happened at the ending of Ariana’s concert 10:35 pm (5:35  p.m. E.T.) Being that the Greater Manchester Police are treating this as a terrorism situation , President Trump has been briefed, his response is awaited . Although Ariana is uninjured, it was said by TMZ that she is completely shaken up by the incident along with the death and casualties that occurred.

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