Azealia Banks Defends Whitening Her Skin Says It Doesn’t Make Her Less Black

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Controversial rapper Azealia Banks is known for  being just that controversial and though it’s how I came to know about her what she seemed to stand for being overly vocal concerning race issues and loving the skin she was in.

Yet recently she’s making news for defending her personal use of products to lighten her skin, something she recently did in a long Facebook live stream.

“I don’t really think it’s important to discuss the cultural significance of skin bleaching anymore because I think that, just as African-American people, just as black people in this world, you assimilate, and there are things you accept, not just out of necessity but things become norm because they just happen all the time,” Banks, 25, said in the video.

“I guess people see the skin-bleaching thing as something different, but I see it as another … assimilation thing,” she continued. “It’s a continuation of the falsification of self that comes with being a black person in America.”

Why is assimilation even an option?

In social media post from April of this year Banks mentioned that she had been depressed in regards to her appearance and was tired of women with lighter complexions getting more opportunities with less talent.

 “To say that [skin bleaching] negates what I’ve been saying about blackness in America is ignorant and just stupid,” she said. “Nobody was upset when I was [wearing] 30-inch weaves, tearing out my edges, and doing all types of s—t like that. You guys loved it, but what is the difference?”

It doesnt negate what she’s been saying, however, hearing it from someone who doesnt seem to believe what they’ve been saying for themselves does make the impact seem less.

Speak your voice? Is skin bleaching just another form of assimilation? Is it body mutilation or just another cosmetic practice like contouring for a slimmer nose?

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