Beyoncé Debuts Ivy Park ‘Athleisure’ Clothing Line

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Never really got with the House of Dereon clothing line Beyoncé and her mother released back in ’06 but, who doesn’t like comfy clothing that makes people wonder if you just worked out or headed in that direction?

The official website for the clothing line says, “Ivy Park is merging fashion-led design with technical innovation, creating a new kind of performance wear: modern essentials for both on and off the field.” In the promo video released for the line Mrs. Carter shares her safe place, a place she retreats to when needing to overcome fear.

“I’d wake up in the morning, and my dad would come knocking on my door and tell me that it’s time to go running. I remember wanting to stop, but I would push myself to keep going. He taught me discipline,” she shares, adding. “And I would think about my dreams. I would think about the sacrifices my parents made for me. I would think about my little sister and how I was her hero. I would look at the beauty around me. The sunshine through the trees. I would keep breathing.”

It’s interesting that she shares a story that includes her father Matthew Knowles as a place where she derived strength. It almost felt like they didn’t “do” Papa Knowles  these days. It’s an inspiring voice over meant to make you find the thing from which you draw strength.  Blue Ivy makes a cameo in the video, her name is half of the brand. Not much needs to be said because you know the Bey-Hive is going to love it screaming #QueenBeyTakeMyCoins as they line up in masses to plunder the racks. Although I don’t see myself wearing a  sexy body suit to workout, some of the pieces would work for a  quick slay to the corner store when you want that “I woke up like this” leisurely vibe…you know the one trying but not too hard slay. The interactive site for the athleisure line showcases some pretty comfy looking pieces.

Ivy Park launches at retailers Topshop, Nodstroms and online on April 14….if you were wondering.

“Strong beyond measure”. Okay Queen Bey! Click through to see some of the looks.

Photo Source: Ivy Park

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