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It’s definitely no longer a secret that Beyonce is pregnant, so the next big question is: What is the gender of the twins?

Well we all know Beyonce is the queen of setting up teasers for everyone to follow her right into her big announcements and she may have just told us the gender of her babies! Bey has left us with some cliff hangers which makes it a little hard to decipher where shes going with this.


The above picture is from her first batch of photos from this pregnancy and many people were thinking that maybe Beyonce was hinting that she’s having a boy and a girl because of the pink bow on her bra and her blue underwear.

In recent clues though, it looks like it may be a different outcome. In 2008, Beyonce released a video to her song titled “If I Were A Boy”. In the video she wore these earrings.


At the time they didn’t have much significance.


But now they may actually be a clue to what gender the twins are. I mean its been almost 10 years since she’s picked these earrings so what would be they reason for her to pick them up again?

Since the name of the song is “If I Were A Boy”, then she’s probably letting us know that she’s having boys by wearing something noticeable from the video.

However whatever she has, I’m happy for her! We know Jay wants boys so maybe he’ll get what he wants.


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