Beyoncé’s “Formation” Called Anti-Police (Video)

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Beyoncé broke the Internet this past weekend when she released her video, “Formation.” The cinematic wonder was full of Black power and angst and all her fans loved it.

There’s a large group of people who aren’t here for the Queen and her antics.

Members of the National Sheriff’s Association watching the game during an annual meeting turned off the halftime show according to the Washington Examiner.

The group’s president said they did so because they were offended by the video.

“As the wife of a police officer, I am offended by this entire video,” one woman wrote on Beyoncé’s Facebook page. “Rise above and stay above the strife. For a girl who grew up in a privileged, wealthy family, she has no business pandering to those who didn’t.

There gonna be mad when her tour kicks off and all tickets get sold. Check out the video below if you missed.

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