Billboard Op-Ed Writer Says “Beyoncé is more of a canvas than a creator”

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Billboard Associate Editor Erika Ramirez is highly upset with what she calls Beyoncé  “violating … artist’s intellectual property” or straight up stealing the creative concepts of other artists when she should be an artist that others seek to imitate based on her creative, inspirational, innovative and unique ideas. Ouch!

But more bothersome than Bey’s inspiration-turned-imitation act – and less subtle as her career progresses – is that she’s playing off the risks that other artists have been brave enough to take (and appropriately praised for) instead of challenging herself and taken some herself.

Even as a vocal performer, Beyoncé is more of a canvas than a creator.

She does end by saying that although Beyoncé hijacks the works of others she pretty much does it up to the ump-tenth power and that voice of hers makes it a forgivable offense no matter how many times she does it. But, overall she’s saying King Bey needs to step it up in the realm of innovation.

Especially since she’s charging about $1k+ for an experience during her tour! (Okay that little frustration is all me…lol)

Background: Beyoncé borrowed her powdered white glam look from her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour book from singer Kerli (who is that?) She wrote on her Facebook page: “I gotta say it’s pretty damn cool to see Queen B Beyoncé rock something I spray painted white on my patio for Utopia 8. The dress was originally nude and made by the brilliant Rocky Gothercole ♥♥ Whooop!”


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