B!tch Better Have My Money May End Up Costing Rihanna Some Money

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2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards On NBC - Show

Oh lawd! Although inspiration comes from everywhere, maybe these so called artist should start being a little more involved in the developmental process of their “art”. The new sound that everyone is raving about on the track was created for her a la Kanye West, Travis Scott, Drake affiliate WondaGurl, and Deputy.

Pharrell and Robin Thicke just had to cough up a cool $4.7million for being inspired by Marvin Gayes Got To Give It Up on their hit Blurred Lines hit and now Rihanna is being accused of song jacking her new single B!tch Better Have My Money from  Houston rapper Just Brittany her single Betta Have My Money was released back in February of 2014. The self proclaimed bad girl released her version officially during the 2015 iHeart Music Award (March 29th) with a wardrobe choice that paid homage to Lil’ Kim’s 90’s style.

The song titles and subject matter are eerily similar, Just Brittany‘s song is a bit slower the beat might have a slight resemblance; but is this what Pharrell feared that if an artist draws inspiration from another artist everyone will cry plagiarism? Truly it’s been happening for ages but was this the case with B!tch Better Have My Money?

You be the judge:

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