Chris Brown Entertains Kevin McCall On Social Media With An Intense Rant

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Chris Brown allows Kevin McCall to drag him in to a keyboard war. Seems the two said ‘Deuces’  to anything that resembled being cordial acquaintances some time ago. McCall tweeted @ChrisBrownOfficial about “handling business” that his kindness was being taken for weakness and said Brown was a “coward” and wouldn’t respond. Well, not this time Chris was ready to entertain the bull on that day. Detailing why McCall was dropped from his CBE imprint, threatening the singer-song writer that “this street sh*t is what I’m great at a lot better than this music. You better check them loose lips for I show you the real devil my n*gga.” .


Well dang, didn’t you just get off probation? Do you really think it’s wise to be threatening people online?



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