Chris Cornell, Gone, “He took one or two … too many”.

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As the world turns, the emotions of fans and Chris’ loved ones turn as well. The Detroit Police Department ruled his death a suicide, unveiling more information from sources close to him, It has been said by TMZ the “track marks were obvious.” Although Chris’ family counter acts that statement saying they believe Chris had no intention on doing such an act.

Revealed by Chris’ Tour manager and House Engineer,  Ted Keedick stated, “Chris seemed High and F***ed up.” As Chris’ personal life and his history of drug use and abuse rise to the light, the toxicology and autopsy is still awaited, leaving his family with uncertainties and little clarity. Although Chris was under the influence while he committed suicide, hanging himself, he did speak with his wife hours before the incident, confirming he did take one or two more than he was supposed to, Chris Also stated, he just felt “tired”. Chris’ wife was skeptical of his state and made a call to the hotel Chris was staying , where he was pronounced dead.

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