Ciara and Future Hit Splittsville

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Ciara_IGThe couple had a child together less than three months ago, but it seems the two are calling it quits? Ciara and Future have yet to release statements about the break up, but US Weekly tried to spill the beans in a fake exclusive “Ciara Talks About Motherhood and Life After Future Split”

But CiCi wasn’t having any parts of that, she took to Twitter like a good ol’ celebrity and put them in their place:

 “@UsWeekly I did not do this interview with you! This is a lie, and tasteless! Must you be that thirsty to create a story?! Unbelievable,” she tweeted.

They tried to pass off an interview in which Ciara spoke on motherhood and an upcoming appearance on MTV’s House of Style for Degree Women as an exclusive about the alleged breakup.

Although she blasted them for the fake interview, she didn’t really say they’re not over…rumor has it Future cheated on her while he was away on tour. Not sure why this headline in the sea of ‘Ciara and Future have no future’ stories popping up hourly.

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