Ciara Gets Negative Views On Pregnancy

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This past week singer Ciara let us know that she is expecting with her HUSBAND Russell Wilson. Kind of a fairy tale these days right? To actually wait until you’re married to a guy to have kids with him? Well along with all of the non- haters that congratulated her on her great news, came the haters of course. But in this case I don’t think I understand. I mean she’s actually getting bashed for getting pregnant “too soon” . Well what I need to know is when would’ve been a good time for her to have a child with her HUSBAND? Someone that actually waited for them to get married to even have sex!!

See here’s the double standard. She’ll be bashed whether she’s just the “baby mama” or if she has a child with her husband. I’ve never heard anyone get upset about future talking about how many women he smashes on a daily and things like ” if she catch me cheating, I will never tell her sorry” . Baffling right? I know.

Single moms always get blamed for being single. Never do we blame the dads that skip out on the experience. If a guy was to do the same thing, we would probably put him on some type of Instagram meme displaying relationship goals huh?

We NEED to wake up!!!!

By the way, congrats Cici girl!

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