Did Kodak Black Forget Where He Came From?

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In this last week of the messiest place on earth that we call INSTAGRAM, things have started to unfold for a few rappers out of the Broward area of Florida. Recently Kodak Black and a rapper by the name of Choo Choo have found themselves in a little feud because of a misunderstanding. 

Apparently during Kodak Black’s show in Orlando, Choo Choo and a few others were kicked off of the stage so that Kodak could perform. 

Choo Choo wasn’t too happy about that considering he feels that he grew up with Kodak Black. He felt like there should have been some type of respect on Kodak’s end for the people who came a long way to support him in another city. The gesture made it seem like Kodak didn’t really mess with the rapper the way he claimed , hence, making him look like a “peon”. 

Choo took to Twitter to explain that he would never forget where he came from and treat his people like they didn’t matter. Saying things like ” I’ll never let that fame shit get to my head”, the public could clearly tell who Choo was talking about. 

Kodak on the other end wasn’t too happy about being called out either, so he definitely responded in some of the most petty ways. He even left comments on Choo’s post saying “bring me some food”. 

Now I don’t know about y’all but to me that sounds kinda like belittling someone, basically calling them your servant. 

As if the tiny feud between Choo and Kodak wasn’t enough, another Broward rapper has been added to the mix. Kodak’s brother actually called out Koly P. 

Of course the insults and Twitter fingers continue but we really hope these guys can make up! 

This personal part is for Choo: When We come to support our “friends” we REALLY have to support THEM, not come to promote ourselves. I say that because usually the only people that want to be on the stage are the people that want to be seen. If you sincerely wanted to support Kodak you wouldn’t care about being seen. It’s also a huge difference between one additional person and 30-50 additional people on the stage. At a certain point that can be crowded and disruptive for the person actually performing. If you really want to support someone the best way to do it is to be in front of the stage.And this goes for ANY rapper, not just Choo and Kodak. 

We have to understand that once you get to a certain level in your career it is definitely expected that you act accordingly as well. We can’t keep doing the same things and expect to get the same results. 

Choo there will be a time in your career where you reach your height and the way you move will have to be different or else you won’t progress. 

Definitely not throwing any shade just a little advice because we have to stop the petty feuding. That’s what “they” want. 

In the famous words of Jay Z , “You Think I worked this hard to stay the same?” 

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