Does Young Thug Like Black Women? 

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Recently Young Thug has been caught in some turmoil at the airport after things didn’t go his way. Instead of handling the issue and dealing with it privately, Thugger decided to blatantly embarrass the employees by recording them and saying rude things to them. Even after being asked to stop the recording, Thug continued while calling the African American female employees “ants, peasants, bums, donkeys” and even said they “looked like Africans” , while offering them $15,000 to quit their job. 

EXCUSE ME THUGGER! But who exactly are you to say that you are above the law and working class people are “peasants and bums” ? And FEMALES at that! I mean who raised you to be so disrespectful? Why is it ok to publicly bash someone and laugh in their face? 

A day after the incident, Thugger took to Twitter to try and apologize, but apparently no one taught him how to do that either! He stated: 

     “By the way that wasn’t to all of my     black women… it was to those two burnt women 😂😂😂😭😭😂😭” 


If he thought this was a way to apologize then he definitely has life messed up. All this shows is his self hatred that he obviously harbors in himself, by not liking black women. The thing is, the women were no darker than him! So how on earth are you so fixated on their color as if that’s the only thing you couldn’t stand about them. Like if they were white then their actions would’ve been justified? Come on Thug we HAVE to do better. All you did was prove why we shouldn’t support you. 

Most of Young Thug’s supporters and fans are “BURNT”. Since he doesn’t like us, maybe we shouldn’t support him anymore! 

And if after seeing Young Thug disrespect these too women of color, you still take your a*s to one of his concerts to give him some more ammunition to keep acting the way he does, then we as a people are lost. 

The same people that are our voice in public continuously embarrass us and act as if we are not good enough to sit with them because we’re “too dark” . Well let’s be “TOO DAMN DARK” to purchase their music and attend their concerts! 

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