Evelyn Lozada Speaks On Her Pregnancy

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Evelyn Lozada pregnant

Was I the only one that was confused and shocked once news got out that Evelyn Lozada was six months pregnant? I guess now it makes sense why she didn’t want to film the Basketball Wives reunion show. I just have so many questions that need to be answered like ASAP! Who’s the baby daddy? When did ya’ll start hooking up? And is the baby daddy your man or just a sperm donor?

Evelyn released a statement to People magazine saying, “I am so excited to announce a wonderful blessing — I’m pregnant! I’m excited about being a mommy all over again. This is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

I wonder if Evelyn is currently filming all of this for her own reality show, since last season of Basketball Wives was an epic fail.

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