Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Has Some Drama…Again

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Ok so usually Fetty Wap’s baby mama drama has to do with him but this time, it’s his child’s mother, Masika.

Masika was a Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star prior to becoming pregnant by Fetty but she may have just found a ticket to keep her around a little longer. 

The new season is set to have Fetty Wap’s ex girlfriend Alexis Skyy. If you follow any of the drama on Instagram via @teatenders_ , then you would know that Alexis seems like all she’s been trying to do is get on the show. It’s like she’s literally been hopping around the industry to see where she can fit in. Even though she isn’t dating Fetty anymore, she still throws major shade to any of his new chicks and does her best to let everyone know she’s still in the mix. 

This past week on set must have been when Masika found out that she really didn’t want to deal with Alexis because it’s alleged that she stormed out over casting saying she has no time for “peasants”. 

Now to Masika’s defense, it would make sense not to want to work with Alexis. It’s like here comes this chick trying to amp up her fame by living in the past which is FETTY. And guess who the only correlation to Fetty is on the show? Right!  So Masika probably senses that this girl will do anything to stay relevant even if it means coming for her. 

I’m pretty sure we can count on Masika to win out of the whole situation because when it comes to giving someone a good read, Masika has always been the one. 

To be honest the situation is already juicy so maybe this will call for a good season. Hey, Masika needed a new storyline anyway. 

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