Maximizing Your Workout For Your Body Type

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We all know that everyone is different from the curl patterns of our hair down to the arches of our feet we are not the same. We customize our clothing, food and lifestyles to suit us as individuals. So when it comes to our fitness regimen things are going to be different to meet our individual needs. To help you focus on workouts that fit your body type we’re going to take an closer look at the different body types: endomorphic, mesomorphic and ectomorphic to figure out what kind of workout is going to help your see maximum results whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or simply to maintain a healthy body.

First you’ll need to determine your individual body type. [Knowing Your Body Type]

If you fall into an endomorphic body you’ve identified that you’re body stores fat easily and it’s harder to lose the fat. Endomorphic body types have to work much harder to burn off calories and keep them off. Keeping track of your workouts and keeping a food journal to keep an eye on  the food you consume will help you to have check and balances. Most importantly the journals will help your recognize your eating patterns. We all fall prey to emotional eating!

Wait training is important for the endomorph, exercising with weights 3-4 times per week, and keeping your heart rate between a 50-75% of your MHR should be your target.

The following is a good example of a circuit workout for an endomorphic body type:

 Warm-up Treadmill 10 minutes- Speed 3.5 incline 3.5 Heart rate elevated to >100

For a circuit, you would do one exercise immediately into another exercise with little rest in between (10-20 seconds) then after the entire set is done, take a 3 minute break and begin again. Use a weight appropriate for you to be able to finish the set with proper form and posture.

The Mesomorphic body type would be your classic athlete or body builder. They loose fat easily and gain muscle and strength easily. Let’s be real they’re the ones we love to hate; they don’t have to do much to keep their physique. A person with this body type could have any type of workout, but it’s not all a walk in the park for the mesomorph, lifting too heavy of weights is a common cause of injury with this body type. Mesomorphs need to be more aware of their posture and stay aware of how much they are lifting and always have a spotter. Also, because people with this body type can loose fat easily, they have to make sure not to do too much cardio workouts or they’ll risk burning more muscle then fat!

Workouts should include a strong upper body and strong lower body routine. Split up each muscle individually each day if time allows or do two to three muscle groups together.

Example [Day 1: Chest, Triceps & Shoulders Day 2: Back & Biceps; Day 3: Hamstrings, Quads, Calves]

The following is a good example of a workout for a Mesomorphic body type:

The third body type people fall into is the Ectomorph. People with this body structure are naturally thin and lean. ectomorph’s tend to lack muscular strength and are often called “skinny.” There are workouts out there for ectomorph’s to gain muscle and tone up while keeping their lean figure. Women who say, “I don’t want to get too bulky” are typically ectomorphs. Not to worry ladies, your body structure won’t allow you to.  By simply lifting modified weights regularly and doing modified cardiovascular workouts, your body will stay lean yet increase in strength without getting “bulky.” Use weights that are challenging but still allow you to finish 12-15 reps consistently with modified fatigue.

The following is a good example of what an ectomorph body shape full body workout should look like. Do the upper body exercises first, then the lower body:



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