“I want to see Tom Brady’s Balls.”

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america-2016-betty-cantrellSunday, September 13th, made the crowning of Georgia Peach,  Betty Cantrell as Miss America!
But how…? Is the question of all viewers watching her epic response. The Darling peach holding her place as ‘Miss Georgia’ for the past 3 years made it evident to the world it were destined for Betty Cantrell  to be crowned Miss America 16′; Until she responded to the question on Tom Brady’s deflate scandal. Betty replied with, “I would need to see and feel his balls to determine if Tom Brady Cheated, if he did its not fair.. It’s not right”. Miss America herself was even shocked to take the crowning with such a response on a question that maybe deserved a different response, or not ? As in she is Miss America.

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