Is Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams in the Sunken Place?

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams & Wife Aryn Drake-Lee are getting a divorce after five years of marriage. They were together for like ever, Williams has even been quoted as saying his wife has been with him before the fame. So, it was a bit disheartening to hear that the couple were getting a divorce.

Soon after news of the divorce spread, rumors that Jesse was having an affair with Minka Kelly soon followed. The two were spotted together in Paris, so naturally she was fingered as the cause for their split.

“She’s been with me through all different facets of my career,” Williams told USA Today in 2010. “She’s stuck with me through thick and thick and thick and thin. We know each other in and out.”

The couple have two young children together: daughter Sadie, 3, and son Maceo, who was born in 2015. 


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