Issa Secret: 5 Tips on How to Keep #NewBae a Secret Until You Decide He’s Worth It

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It’s that time again, Cuffing Season! Ladies, we kept it sexy all summer now it’s time to snuggle for the winter! Dating can be frustrating, especially when you’re at that awkward phase in life where every family gathering ends in an intervention about your overactive— or in my case, under active sex life. It literally got so bad that last Thanksgiving I counted how many words someone said to me before I was asked: “So when are you getting married?” (The record is 18 words btw). Well this year I am preparing early, and I am so ready to enjoy all the holiday perks with #NewBae, but I’m not ready to bring my family into the mix until I know where this is heading.
When it comes to a secret I always look to the most covert operative I know (in my mind of course), the beautiful Lauren London. Listen that woman knows how to keep everyone out of her business and I am here for it! So after observing her movements over the years, I am here to give you 5 tips on how to keep #NewBae a secret until you decide if he’s worth it!

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