Kanye Loves Kanye: How Kanye West Spent $53 Million On….Kanye West

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via  Theroot

via Theroot

The last few weeks have been dominated by Kanye West, his social media outbursts and his new album, The Life of Pablo.

For this story, we’re going to speak about the social media outbursts. Ye’ has never been one to shy away from giving the world his opinion on his favorite topic, himself. Recently, one of his Tweets set-off a firebomb of confusion. The multi-platinum, multi-Grammy award winning rapper has claimed to be $53 million dollars in personal debt. That’s a lot of money!

Of course, his followers had a field day trying to figure out why his is so deep in debt and why is he asking Mark Zuckerberg to help him out of this debt.

According to Business Insider, his $53 million in debt is a figment of Kanye’s dark, twisted fantasies.

Citing TMZ, the website goes on to explain that while Kanye might have spent $53 million, it was on him. He’s used his own funds to create the “Cruel Summer” short and create massive sets for his tours. He also sunk about $40 million of his personal cash into his fashion line and his record label.

So for all you hoping that Kanye would on careerbuilders.com trying to find a second job, you’re out of luck. What we have here is a man, who spent a lot of money on himself and now wants someone else to really, really start doing it.

God bless Kanye.

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