Kanye West Hospitalized: 3 Reasons It Makes Sense

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Kanye West has been admitted to a Los Angeles hospital after he canceled his show in Sacramento yesterday. 

Lately it has been a pattern for West to cancel shows or just leave right in the middle of it! Because of the typical Kanye West attitude, not a lot of people have had any tolerance for the behavior. Fans are calling the acts selfish and even cocky. 

We actually realized 3 things that West has had to face that could drive any regular person up the wall: 

1. His terrible accident in the past could have lasting results such as pain and uncomfort. 

2. On 11/20/2007 he had to bury his mom whom he loved dearly so yesterday marks the anniversary. 

3. He could have recently lost his wife and children after they were robbed in Paris. 

These are all things that would make it hard to think clearly while doing an entire show at least 3 times a week. So just think about how it feels to have to deal with all 3 at the same time while still having to do your job the best you can. 

West being hospitalized has definitely been a little over due because he’s been staying strong for so long for not only himself, but also everyone around him. It was time for him to be human. 

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