Kanye West Gives Ellen An Exclusive First Look At Video For “Only One”

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kanye-on-having-more-kids-710x400-2You can say whatever you want to say about Kim & Kanye but at least for Kanye we’ve seen some positive changes as a result of him becoming  a husband and father. He  says the stifling of his creativity yielded results that were comparable to the terrible twos. Wanting to express yourself but unable to find the right way and or words to get your meaning across.

Realizing that his actions could just be called crazy he decided to try something different in these past few years and the results are a happier, calmer and more creative Kanye West.

He says Kim and his daughter have made him want to be a better human being.

When Ellen asked if they wanted more children he said yes but when she asked if he wanted a Jolie-Pitt bunch he gave the wisest answer. “I just want what Kim wants”.

Debuting the clip for Only One which stars his adorable daughter Nori West on the Ellen show. The lyrics of the song are touching as he gives his daughter some of the wisdom his mother would have shared with him both through his gift of song, it’s truly beautiful.


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