Karrueche Tran Brought To Tears Talking About Chris Brown

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Just KeKe ain’t Oprah (yet…see, no shade) but Karrueche tried to give that Rihannaeque emotional interview on her relationship with Chris Brown during her recent sit down with KeKe Palmer on her new BET talk show.

Seeing as  Tran is a philanthropist and we only know her as Chris‘ girl she of course spoke about what it’s like to date someone in the public eye, one who has ongoing legal issues at that.

“I’ve never dated a celebrity before so it was very new to me, paparazzi and all that,” was her response but then she really went there!

Did she just say Rihanna? -island lady voice- ‘why she do that?!’ She poked a sleeping giant, Rih Rih over there in Brazil flashing people unbothered by you, living it up and her just went on ahead and brought up old ish. Rihanna can’t still be the reason y’all break up every three days and he’s still not ready to marry you…side eye


She’s right everyone has that homegirl that you’re just like ‘we can’t save her, she’s just going to be with him no matter what he does’-side eye-.  Mind you Rihanna long since Toni Braxton ‘he wasn’t man enough for me’ the ex, there’s no more battle of the ex. Everyone is like she’s finally opening up and I’m over here like; ‘but, let’s talk about the alleged sleeping with women in rehab but you still holding him down…’seeing-eyes-emoji-128

Am I being too hard on Karrueche? #IJS she should’ve #keptitcute spoke about her Pac Sun connect or her recent hosting gig with BET. Everyone already has an opinion about their relationship just keep it understood between the two of you…-Kanye shrug-

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