Keyshia Cole 11:11 Reset Album Review

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On my morning commute, I  happened to catch Keyshia Cole’s interview with The Breakfast Club. Now I knew her album was coming out because it was mentioned on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and she did a cute performance on the reunion episode but was I excited? —— not really.
In her Breakfast Club interview, she seemed different. It’s as if her “glow up” permeated through the airwaves and into my own body. Keyshia was as candid as she usually is but somehow this time was different. Maybe the recent connection with her biological father or the fact that she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yes, she is finally going through with her divorce from former NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Sr., and he no longer lives with her. Talk about a complicated situation, especially since they were on LHHH together while he fawned over Brooke Valentine. Needless to say, by the end of the interview, she had piqued my interest once again as she did when she wore two-toned hair and reminded us of why we should’ve cheated.
So let’s get into this album review. 11:11 Reset begins with an intro featuring everyone’s favorite motivational speaker and hype man, DJ Khaled. We all know Khaled could convince us of anything and in this intro, he reminds us that we can weather any storm and we deserve MORE. As soon as the intro fades, the second song “Unbothered” drops and it can easily be deemed a ladies anthem. It’s a positive uplifting song that reminds us of our self-worth and being confident.
The rest of the tracks paint vivid pictures of Cole’s life, it’s a typical album for her, but her growth as a woman during the creation of this project is evident. The lyrics are typical for her and we cannot deny the capabilities of her voice, but this project is just different. Is it her best work?…that’s debatable, but is it definitely worth an honorable mention among her classics! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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