Khloé Kardashian and French Montana Hold Nothing Back in First Joint Interview

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Not quite sure if they look good as a unit, but let French Montana tell it “they’re rockin'” and Khloé Kardashian is “cool as hell”. Which isn’t news because she’s everyone’s favorite Kardashian.

Who knew that French and Diddy were super tight? Let him tell it Diddy is his personal hip-hop Mr. Miyagi, ushering him through the game and teaching him how to make “multi-millions of dollars”, he had nothing negative to say about the Bad Boy mogul revealing that “Puff put us together”. (That us being him and Khloé for the slow ones)

Seems he might have a bit of tea on Angie Martinez he kept asking her about a pending marriage…who’s yo feyonce Angie?

Seems he’s adjusting to being in the spotlight,  you can expect to see him on the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians,  you know Kris Jenner don’t play. All her kids relationships are a money making opportunities. The only reason they’re probably not getting married is because French is still going through a divorce!

But that’s not stopping the couple from making money together, he says he and Khloé “have a couple things going on” as it relates to business and another perk of being a part of the family is that Kanye West “might be helping to executive produce” his album.

Like a good KardashianKhloé spiced up the interview with her entrance and after admitting that she’s super protective of her loved ones, she admitted that she and French are “yin and yang” and people would talk no matter who she’s dating, so let them talk.

“People are gonna comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean-cut perfect guy, they’re gonna comment. That’s just the way it is. If I’m having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care, they’re not f–king him,” she laughed before adding, “Our maybe they are, I don’t know.”

The body language looked like he had taken Khloé home to meet his mom, he stood awkwardly to the side as Angie and Khloé went back and forth, blame it on ramadan. Who knew French Montana was Muslim?

Check out the full interview!

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