[Video] Kris Warren “You Can Judge Me Now”

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The video for artist/documentarian, Kris Warren’s new song, “You Can Judge Me Now” touches on the resistance and experiences from his 16 state/4 country documentary journey.

This video touches on the resistance and experiences I received interacting with organizations and people while filming the documentary on Music Therapy. Some people embraced me while others did not want to support it because of the sole purpose that I was someone from the “hip hop” community. It is pertinent to shine to the light on the positive endeavors some people of the hip hop community are doing. Much to often the media only paints one image of the hip hip culture and distributes it to the world. However, the hip hop community is not the only population that deals with stereotypes. That is why I incorporated other oppressed peoples stories in the film to help raise awareness and break down the perception barriers we have built up against one another.

Kris Warren has already filmed in 16 different states and four countries, interviewing healthcare professionals, doctors, music therapists, patients, dancers and musicians across the globe. For more information on the documentary, visit musicismytherapy.com and Purchase the song here

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