Kylie Jenner Prepares Home For First Born.

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Kylie Jenner is expecting her first baby as confirmed by US Weekly, and is doing everything to prepare herself and her home for her new born. Kylie Jenner and her family have respected her decision to silence the process. Kylie has given her life to tv and film , she chooses to keep this as private as possible, with heavy backlash and negative spectators, Kylie and her boyfriend are doing a great job at keeping this confidential with the support of her sisters and her mom, it has been very difficult keeping up with this Kardashian/Jenner. With such irony on what is or isnt , it is highly anticipated the re-surface of Kylie and her experiences as new mother.  Also confirmed by US Weekly , Kylie has removed all sharp objects and baby-proofed her house, leaving no room for errors or mistakes. She is ready!

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