Lauren London Opens Up About Parenting & Lil’ Wayne

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Last night Lauren London made her debut on BET’s “THE GAME” as Kiera Whitaker, and even though it may take me some time to get used to this change, I admit Lauren did her thing.

Hours prior to the show premiering Lauren appeared on the Wendy Williams show alongside her costars Brandy and Jay Ellis to promote the new season. Now of course Wendy did what we all love her to do which is get all in peoples personal business. She had Lauren talk about her current relationship status with Lil’ Wayne, his health status and making her own money.

Lauren: [No we’re] no longer [together], great friends though. I think it’s difficult being a single parent period. For me, my job, luckily I can bring him to work.

Wendy: How is Lil Wayne doing health wise?

Lauren: He’s great! His album comes out today. He’s really good.

Wendy: More money for you, girl…

Lauren: I make my own though. My mother taught me well.

P.S I’m in love with Lauren London’s dimples 🙂

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