Like a Virgin…Again?

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HBO’s Insecure is my absolute favorite show out right now, it’s relatable, not to mention hilarious! It follows the shows creator Issa through life, juggling her career, dating, and relationships (or lack thereof). In the series actress Yvonne Orji plays Molly, who is Issa’s best friend. She is a lawyer who does well for herself; she’s strong, independent, and definitely sexy! During season one she was involved in a few sexual escapades so you could imagine my surprise when she admitted to being a 33-year-old virgin!
It seems as if more and more women are deciding to wait to have sex. Many women now find themselves abstaining from sex until marriage— even if they have had sex before (sorry guys)! Times are changing; there are more books, resources, information, and even support groups accessible now to assist in living a more “pure” life.
Celebrities like Megan Good and her hubby Devon Franklin abstained from sex before tying the knot. In their book, The Wait the two were very transparent about their courting phase and the challenges that they faced to remain abstinent. They credit their “wait” as the reason that their relationship has flourished and continues to do so.
I must admit, I didn’t wait until marriage, but I am more open now to the idea than ever before. So for any of you that have always been curious on how— or why someone would decide to wait, I had a sit down with a good friend of mine, Shea Edwards to shed some light on the issue. She is the co-founder of “Faith Rocks”, an online Ministry, Blog and Talk Show dedicated to encouraging the world to incorporate faith into all aspects of life and provide practical tools to promoting prayer and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
India: It seems as if more people are willing to wait and are being vocal about it, why is that?
Shea: People are tired of doing things their own way and not getting results. People are realizing the consequences of not waiting aren’t worth it. People are tired of lies and are in search of deeper connections, real relationships and want the success of marriage with God’s chosen mate. Premarital sex will not guarantee a ring, a mate, a house. I think people are feeling the power of God moving on this generation.
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