Ludacris Confirms He Fathered A Child During “Break” With Girlfriend

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Ludacris and Eudoxie

So this is how these celebrities are doing it nowadays? They cheat on their girlfriends, have unprotected sex, get the chick on the side pregnant by accident, then when it’s time to publicly announce it they wanna lie and say they were on a “break” with their girlfriends. I wanna know who Dwayne Wade and now Ludacris think they are fooling? No matter what all this is so messy, but the fact that everyone knows that their lying about not cheating on their girlfriends makes it even worse! TMZ already exposed Dwayne Wade’s lies (see here) and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they do the same with Ludacris.

According to TMZ, 

Ludacris didn’t use protection when he banged some chick, but he’s taking precautions now … because he wants to legally establish his paternity and then set a hard limit on his child support.

Ludacris has been in a long-term relationship with Eudoxie — pronounced kinda like the book in the Bible (don’t ask).  But Luda took a break from Eudo long enough to get Tamika Fuller preggo.  

Cai Bella Bridges was born December 9th.  And here’s where the plot thickens.

It seems Ludacris knows he’s the daddy, but he’s worried Tamika will go in for the kill.  So he’s filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — claiming he’s only pulling in $25,842.41 a month on average.  Under Georgia law … his monthly child support payment would be set at $1,754.66.

Ladies, if you were dating a celebrity would you take him back after cheating on you and getting the other girl pregnant, then help him lie and say ya’ll were on a break just to save his image? Or would you break up with him and call him out on his BS?

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