Makeup Tips To Be The Flawless ‘You’ This Summer

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Think summer and you already get the burns feeling on your skin! The sun makes all its moves to make sure there is no one hotter than the sun. However, you can beat the heat and show it who the boss is by wearing your style along with make ups.
Now, if you think makeup in summer, you may again think of disasters – smeared mascara along with fallen out lipsticks and sweat taking all the foundations off your skin! The result is something you can’t even imagine. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Check out our tips to be the flawless ‘You’ this summer, without a reason to losing your beauty under the hot sun.

1. Skip the Foundation Yes you heard it right; you need to keep off the foundation cream because under the sun, foundation may melt and drool, creating uneven coloured marks on your face. Go for a calamine lotion if you never step out of the foundation. If you really don’t want to part away with your foundation, then apply it to a minimum on areas that really need it. Then apply an oil-free moisturizer to give a naturally glowing look.

2. Waterproof Mascara Thank god (beauty products companies, actually) that have produced the waterproof mascara. This is the thing you need in lieu of normal mascara in summers. The waterproof property of these mascaras does not let them spread and instead, remain intact for the day.

3. Lip Balm Lips are one of the sensitive parts of the skin that is directly exposed to the sun. Apply lips balms or a moisture-rich lipstick to protect your lips.

4. Sunscreen You don’t need to get burnt to show your fashion sense of summer. Makeup and all other cosmetics enhance the look of you but do not give protection from harmful sun-rays. Always apply a sunscreen lotion before you start with any of the makeup and step out only after you have applied it on all exposed skin areas.

5. Blot the Oils Keep moistened tissue paper with you whenever you are out in the sun. Summers tend to make your skin shine but in the other way. The oil secreted from the skin makes your face seem too oily. A gentle pat on the oily skin area with a moistened tissue paper works to give you the flamboyant skin to flaunt this summer.

Source: Fashionopedia

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