Meek Mill Sentenced to Up to Four Years in Jail for Violating His Parole

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Rapper Meek Mill, right, arrives at the Criminal Justice Center with his lawyer Brian McMonagle, left, in Philadelphia, PA on November 6, 2017. DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer

Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced up to four years in prison for violating his parole; once for fighting in a St Louis airport and the other for reckless driving. Meek Mill has been on parle since 2009 after a stint in prison for drugs and weapons charges. 

Both parole violation charges were later dropped, however, the arrests still violated his parole. Meek Mill was immediately taken into custody. Many celebrities reacted to the arrest on social media, among them Jay Z who owns Roc Nation, the management company that represents the Philly rapper. In a post published to Facebook he had this to say, “the sentence handed down by the Judge – against the recommendation of the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer – is unjust and heavy handed.”

“The mass incarceration and routine criminalisation of young black men in the US is not a statistical aberration but a systemic abomination.” – Gary Young The Gaurdian

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