[Mixtape] P1 Zone Three- What If I Told You The Truth

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When I first pushed play on this mixtape, I was surprised from the delivery of the

production and/or the lyrical delivery. P1, coming from Zone 3 in Duval County, Florida

sound like he spent most of his summers in Queensbridge with Nas. This is not mumble

rap, this ain’t that. From the intro, with it’s lush melodies remind me of the production

that the game used to have when music was coming out of Suave House from the likes of

EightBallMJG.​ “Born”, “On My Mind” and “Truth #1” had me traveling on I-95 going North

but ​“Already Know” ​ brought me back to the South like it was straight out of the

Dungeon Family. DJ Swagg kept the original tracks moving smoothly through transitions

and when they switched the flow back to southern trap music, you never get lost, it

draws you in more. ​ ​“Trap” does well to honor the culture but P1 don’t let you linger on a

song or a sound because he flows in so many ways. ​“G​otta Get It” continues the

momentum and the witty lyricism and melodies keep you interested and if you’re out late

night trappin, this is a repeat button song, it’s motivating! Now we drop by the scripp

(strip) club on this next gem,​ “Do W​ hat You Do” is definitely a pole favorite and I can see

the ladies poppin to this song and all the real Gs makin it rain all over the building! This

reminds me of the YoungBloodz in their prime but the music and lyrics are definitely

2016 and beyond! ​Need ​ a lil milk!!!! ​ “Let’s Get It” was a swing at the bounce music with

an ode to Manny Fresh and Cool Ass Chelsea delivered her lyrics like a pro. On “T​ ruth

​ 2”, P1 takes us back to the lyrics and keep the balance for the hip hop heads who’s

looking for messages in the music. I would have put the top down on that ​“TrapHouse”

but I was lost in the music and was driving the family R350 minivan but the music had me

feeling the night air on my bald head like a cool breeze. P1 sets the tone in in his music

like a movie director because the next track flows so hard that I heard a single in this one

​ called, ​“Money”! I could see the video with the whole Zone Three doing a heist on a drug

lord and his well protected compound and then spread the millions to the people like

modern day robin hoods… This mixtape is like watching Netflix & chilling because the

music flows through your ears and your mind visualizes every song like a great

adventure throughout th​ e hood. On ​“Like Me”, the track serves us like a lil pimp talk like

from the Mike Epps character in “How High”, “nare nuther like me”, a real pimped out

tribute. By the time you ​ reach “T​ ruth 3”, the concept of the mixtape’s title,​ “What If I Told

​ You The Truth” you have a clear understanding of the mindset of P1 and his Zone 3

family. The MLK interlude​ was priceless! ​“Struggle” reminded me of the G-Funk era with

Nate Dogg and it shows the depth of a real artist who leaves no one untouched and it

also shows growth and where the MC comes from the mud. This reminded me of the

West Coast, Tupac and the Outlaws and time long forgotten in the music. Thanks for

bringing me back. This ain’t mumble rap, this ain’t that! The last track soulful bass that

came through my headphones on this swept me away through​ “Hard Times & Gangsta

​ Livin” and P1 and Zone 3 gained my respect forever.

“To get to the penthouse from the basement, you’re g​ onna need heart and hustle…” The

flow of each veteran MC was so refreshing that I didn’t want the song to end. Listening to

their spit gave me a different respect for Jacksonville, Fla. The world needs to know

about you cats and I hope my review touches many so they can hear the “truth”. DJ

Swagg, thanks for this o​ne,​ “What If I Told You The Truth” the mixtape……

What If I Told You The Truth



iTunes Single: “GOTTA GET IT” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gotta-get-it-single/id1046143119’

Contact And Social Media: Onewizzle1@gmail.com
Facebook: P1
Instagram: P1_zonethree
Twitter: P1ZoneThree
Youtube Channel: ONEWIZZLE

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