Monica Abbott First Female Athlete to Score $1M Contract

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Softball star Monica Abbott signed a $1M contract with the Houston-based  Scrap Yard Dawgs. Abbot helped America’s team win a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and now with this contract is the according to ESPN is the most  paid to any female sports athlete in the U.S.

The deal will be spread over the life of a six-year contract with the Scrap Yard Dawgs.

“In my mind, it represents an opportunity for the younger players in our game,” she told ESPN. “I see opportunities for other athletes, for the college girls coming in [to the league], for the college freshmen, for the 12-year-olds. I see opportunities for them to only be a professional softball player. To not have to have another career, another job.”

 Although Abbott has signed the highest-valued contract in team sports, she is not the highest-earning. Lucrative endorsement deals earned by other female atheletes place their yearly earnings far past $1M yet way less than their male counterparts.

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