Monique Says Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels & Oprah Winfrey Can Suck Her D**k !!

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So our dear friend Monique is no stranger to speaking her mind and during a recent stand up comedy show she did, she expressed how she’s been feeling about some directors in the industry. 

Monique has stated in the past that women in the acting field don’t always receive the same compensation and attention as males in the acting world. 

On her last live standup show though, she made sure to call out specific people who has done her wrong. Monique calls out Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, & even Oprah, saying that she wouldn’t be real if she didn’t express what’s going on behind the scenes that we see. 

In her humor, she stated that she was not “black balled” from the industry but rather  “white balled”. She said it would “kill her if she didn’t keep it real” . She also states that they can “suck her dick if she had one” !! 

It is rather fishy that Monique, with all of her experience, hasn’t been in many movies lately. We definitely had no idea that these things were going on behind closed doors. But we certainly hope all goes well with Monique and we definitely hope Oprah, Tyler and Lee doesn’t send any of their goons to get her!  

The thing is, we’ve always heard that the acting world is corrupted and racist, but it pains us to see our own people doing it to each other. I mean damn y’all, were all we have. How could some of the most successful black directors try and weed out one of our most cultured and seasoned vets in the industry. Shoot she probably set some milestones for them to be able to do a couple of things! 

Whatever the turnout from this little public venting session, we hope Monique is ok. 

Below is a video from @yeahifamous , of Monique saying this during her show. 

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