[Music Artist Guide] SoundCloud Don’ts! Part 1

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Today I’m Releasing Some Of The DON’TS Of SoundCloud. These Are Some Of The Things That Could Be The Reasoning Behind Your Lack Of Success So To Speak.

Mistake #1: Your URL Isn’t Consistent With Other Platforms

The extension that your profile has on SoundCloud should be identical to the ones you have on other social media platforms. If you’re running with www.facebook.com/empressspade, then you want the same ‘/empressspade’ extension on your SoundCloud account. You can edit this in your account settings, under ‘Basic Profile’.

Mistake #2: Social Links Are Missing, Entirely

As You All Should See & Know Social Media Profiles Have Become The Info Search Engine For People. The Vast Majority Of People, Especially Younger Demographic Of 15-25 years old. They Look To Social Media Profiles When Further Researching Artist They’ve Recently Come Across. Everyone Has Come Across An Artist

SoundCloud Has Integrated The Ability To Add Social Media Links To Your Profile, And Even Adds The Correct Thumbnail Images To The Links Of The Larger Sites. You Can Edit These Under Your ‘Advanced Profile’ Settings. When Setting These Up, I Recommend That You Restrict The Amount Of Networks You Use. The Essential Links Are: Website (www.365voice.com), Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Everything Else Is Irrelevant, And The More Options You Present To People, The Less Likely They Are To Click Any Of Them.

Mistake #3: Basic Bio and Contact Information Is Missing.

A Common Mistake I See Artist Make, Is That They Don’t Provide A Short And To-The-Point Biography, And Some Contact Information, On Their Profile. Now Sure, We Can All Agree That If You’re An Act With The Reputation And Following The Size That An Artist Such As Drake Has, You’ll Get Away With Not Caring. But If You Don’t, Then Better Sort This Stuff Out.

Ideally, You Place Your Content Email Address On Top, Or That Of Your Person In Charge Of Booking/Manager, Followed With A Short Bio Of Who You Are. The Bio Should Be About 50-250 words, And Looks Best When Written In Third Person. Include Something About Who You Are, What You Do, Any Labels You’re Associated With, And Integrate some achievements. Some acts also like to integrate their gig agenda, or archive, however I feel that’s Pointless As No One Will Look To Your SoundCloud Profile For That.

I Will Release Part Two August 2nd Stay Tuned…..

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