[Music Artist Guide] Tips To Assist Artist In The Industry Pt.3

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The Music Artist Guide

➡ Presentation – This is definitely one of the most important things to focus on throughout your music career. Presentation can make you or break you. It can be the reason why someone follows you on twitter, the reason someone listens to your music, the reason why someone goes on to view another one of yourvideos – you get the point. How much effort do you put into looking as professional as possible? Presentation means everything from your name, your style, your website, the quality of your music (is it mastered?), your album cover and artwork for your singles, and the quality of your music videos – to how you conduct yourself during interviews, what you say in your tweets and Facebook statuses, and how you send and respond to emails (email etiquette). Is your website up to date? Are your tweets/statuses interesting? Is your twitter bio complete? Does your music sound radio ready? Does your music video look professional or does it look like it was filmed on a phone? Are your emails professional? Do they say more than ‘yo check out my music’? If you want people to take you serious, you must be serious about what you do. Always make sure that you present yourself in a professional manner.
➡ Proper Networking – Making valid connections is a crucial part of your success as an artist. Everyone knows that in the music industry it’s about who you know as well as what you know. Both play a major part – but what you know allows you to find those who can really play a big part in your success. When you know what you’re talking about people know you’re serious. When you know what you stand for and you have a firm grip on your marketing plan, people see you as a professional. Those who have already been there and done that don’t want to deal with amateurs (it takes too much work). Professionals in the industry want to deal with those artist’s that really know their stuff. You are what you attract – if you are professional you will attract those that have the same mindset.You must always be as professional as possible so that people will know you’re serious and they will either come to you, or at least be receptive when you approach them. It’s not about contacting every random person and trying to get everyone to listen to your music, it’s about being yourself so that others are genuinely interested in you as a whole. If people like you as a person, when you release music they will listen! Do you interact with fans or potential business clients or do you spend all day posting your music? Do you respond to everyone that responds to you? It’s all about your approach. Fans like to get to know you as a person, as someone they can relate to. It’s not always about the music. If your tweets/statuses/emails are interesting and can grab people’s attention, when you post your music you will have a much better chance of someone taking a listen.

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