Naked Hustle to Hip Hop Grind

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Money, dinero, cash, bread, dough, we all identify with one (if not all) of these terms. It’s true that money makes the world go round and enough of it brings forth great power. Time and time again the naked hustle has proven to be lucrative and life changing for many. For many years we have witnessed strippers make the switch from late nights on the pole to late nights in the studio. That’s right—we are talking strippers turned rappers. Now much props to Eve, Cardi B, and all the others who made it but I want to shine some light on these up and coming women you should be on the lookout for!


Blac Chyna

We have all witnessed the growth of Blac Chyna over these past few years. From dancer to fiancé, to mommy to almost-Kardashian, and even her more recently “Joane The Scammer” persona. Now as Blac Chyna gears up for her official music debut we cant help but anticipate greatness— or at the very least some hot gossip!

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