[NEW MUSIC] Chris Brown Ft. Trey Songz “Songs On 12 Play”

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chris-brown-trey-songz12playChris Brown and Trey Songz team up again for Songs on 12 Play, another track from Brown’s sixth studio album X making its way to the webstreets. The two R&B crooners pay homage to R. Kelly’s classic baby making album 12 Play (not that I know from experience…).

“Fcukin with an r’n’b thug/You gon’ have the greatest sex/Do you mind if I show you off/ Baby girl imagine that/Drippin’ that honey love/I’ma hit it hard from the back”shocked

Is that right?
Not a complete panty dropper on it’s own but the woven in references to songs like Bump ‘N Grind, Ignition and Your Body’s Callin to name a few definitely inspired my new R.Kelly Spotify playlist.

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