Nicki Minaj Responds! Why Is It Better?

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So Nicki Minaj has finally responded to Remy Ma ,and though some may call it late, we call it STRATEGIC!

See, because Nicki has  held her title as the most successful female rapper for a while now, she’s definitely learned how to play CHESS and not CHECKERS.

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Nicki collaborated with Drake and Lil Wayne for her response, “No Frauds”.

Now don’t get us wrong. Remy had hella punch lines, mad disses, and a wicked flow, but sometimes, it’s just not about that. Sometimes you have to approach the situation with a little more grace to make sure the move you’re making is the best move for you.

Here are three ways that Remy made the wrong move with her track.

  1. Lots and lots of profanity
  2. The song was really long
  3. She didn’t use an original track.

So for point number 1, NO ONE in their right mind wants to hear all of that profanity a million times in one day. So yea, it was a great take down but no one can really vibe to it. Its like its too “real rap raw”, which is good for the books but doesn’t really make you any mainstream money.

The song being really long had a lot to do with the tolerance the public would have for the track. See, Remy definitely displayed that she had bars for days, but that wasn’t the respect she was asking for. It seemed like she wanted everyone to acknowledge her for being the best female rapper and not Nicki. But see Remy and Nicki are in two different lanes, therefore it could never be a fair competition. Nicki is more on an international pop star level and Remy is on that level that everyone in the hood would respect her but you cant play her stuff in another country…which is okay. I just felt like they were two different lanes if you ask me.

Now the fact that she used the Ether track may have hurt her more than it helped her in this situation. She didn’t get the rights to use the track therefore her song was pulled from the sale racks and she will make no money from it. That’s right.Seven minutes of hard work and someone just comes and yanks it from you. The Ether track, originally laced by Nas as a diss record to Jay Z, is actually property of Universal Records. Well guess who is on Universal? Right. Nicki Minaj. Guess who’s not? Right. Remy. So you really think they would just give her that opportunity to make a bag off of bashing one of their biggest artists? Right. No.

Nicki’s track is nice and catchy, has a hook, an original beat, and therefore she will be able to sell as many copies as she wants, and actually benefit from the whole beef. Thanks Remy.

Yes the response was a lil late but nicki did still go in on her like a classy bitch from Queens. She didn’t hesitate let Remy know that she and Drizzy laughed at the fact she tried to do a “back to back” diss, as well as the fact that whoever her friend took her to, to get her body done, messed her up. The biggest slap in the face may have been when she said that Jay Z didn’t clear his verse for Remy’s album. Ouch!

However we do commend Nicki for being the bigger person and not utterly trying to tear Remy out the frame. Even though many of her fans urged her to, she didn’t mention the baby issue and her only consistent detail is that she wants Remy to PICK A SIDE.

Yeah Remy either you love her or you don’t, whatever the side though, REAL QUEENS don’t tear each other down. No matter how much dirt they have on the other.


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