REUNITED: Amber Rose + Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown + Karrueche, Daniel Gibson + Keyshia Cole

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Although Keyshia Cole was blasting her ex left and right for his thottish behavior and professing her intent to embark on a penis purge for clarity. It seems all of that has been laid to the left and they’re trying to get that old thing back just as well. TMZ caught the couple cozied up together outside of LAX and Boobie was none to shy about letting the camera’s know “We’re doing great.”

He sure seemed confident in making that claim and Keyshia’s big cheesy grin as she hopped into his ride with their 2 year old son Daniel Jr. seems to confirm that things are on the up and up!


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Tamar Braxton was all for Amber Rose fighting for her man by any means necessary, so, reports that the estranged couple were seen condoling with one another during the Love & War singer’s Easter party in Calabasas on Sunday (April 5th)  might mean that a reconciliation is on the horizon. Just last week MUVA declared that she still loved her skinny puffer. Maybe the divorce will be forgotten.

chrisbrownandkarruechetran Although Karrueche told Iyanla “He said he’s sorry, he’s dropped flowers off and tried to, you know, say sorry and be back in good graces, He’s sorry for what he put me through.” But she was also firm the idea that a reconciliation for her and Chris Brown was far off. Yet “sources” aka gossip blogs are running around with reports that he’s starting to wear her down! It would be easy to joke that it wouldn’t be the first time that she took him back, but umm this is the first time that she’s found out that he’d fathered a child with someone other than her.

Breezy is confident though, telling an Instagram fan page that, “Everything takes time”. Sounds like he’s declaring and decreeing that their relationship would be restored.

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